Community Health Care

Community Health Care

For the past 16 years we have been working tirelessly in all the regions in Cameroon touching the lives of the needy and vulnerable.

We have been providing hygiene and sanitation to deprived communities especially the fishing ports, plantation camps and enclaved areas in the south west , western and North west regions of Cameroon.

We give support to more that 8 orphanages through out the country were we offer free dental, general medical and ophthalmic care.

We provided education support in terms of scholarships and didactic materials to primary school and secondary children especially orphans, vulnerable  and internally displaced individuals.

We are pioneers in promoting hand washing and portable water in schools in Cameroon since the year 2012 covering the entire southwest and North west regions.

We have collaborated with the government of Cameroon in various vaccination campaign since the inception of the organisation.

We have a general surgery and ophthalmic surgical team. Having achieved tremendous success in Cameroon, with assistance from our donors, we will be expanding our training and service delivery to other countries through collaboration with local partners.


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