About Us

Grace Medical Foundation is an NGO with headquarters in Muyuka, in the South West Province of Cameroon. It is registered with the registration number. NO,G,37\D14\1vol.6\147\OAPP. Grace medical foundation was created on the 5th of December 2000.

The founders had in mind the task of giving  basic health care to sick and needy people to needy communities in Cameroon.

We have a number of objectives which can be summarized as follows:

  1. We aim at giving health care and health education to our community
  2. Empower communities and its people to attain an acceptable standard in health care and education.
  3. We create opportunities for needy young Cameroonians with potentials to attain their academics dreams.
  4. To collaborate with the government to fight against poverty alleviate, unemployment and illiteracy of the girl child
  5. To fight against all forms of accidents and rehabilitate their consequences.
  6. To promote oral and eye health
  7. To work with the national and international communities in the fight against infectious and endemic disease.
  8. Training of health personnel’s in areas of dye needs in the country especially in the areas of primary health care.

What we do

  • We give health care to the sick people in our community
  • We give health education to the public
  • We carry out primary health care activities
  •  We carry out vaccination against preventable diseases
  • We provide essential drugs to the needy poor
  •  We train medical staff that we help us carried out activities at low cost
  • We join the government to fight again the spread of HIV\AIDS pandemic
  • We carry out family planning education
  • We operate a savings and loans scheme to help the poor underprivileged people in our community to a position of integrity in society.