Community Health Care

For the past 16 years we have been working tirelessly in all the regions in Cameroon touching the lives of the needy and vulnerable.

We have been providing hygiene and sanitation to deprived communities especially the fishing ports, plantation camps and enclaved areas in the south west , western and North west regions of Cameroon.

We give support to more that 8 orphanages through out the country were we offer free dental, general medical and ophthalmic care.

We provided education support in terms of scholarships and didactic materials to primary school and secondary children especially orphans, vulnerable  and internally displaced individuals.

We are pioneers in promoting hand washing and portable water in schools in Cameroon since the year 2012 covering the entire southwest and North west regions.

We have collaborated with the government of Cameroon in various vaccination campaign since the inception of the organisation.

We have a general surgery and ophthalmic surgical team.

Public Health Campaign​

Grace medical foundation was selected by the ministry of public health as the only N.G.O. to supervise Roll Back Malaria Campaigns. In reality, we have distributed 6860 mosquito bed nets to children and all pregnant women in Muyuka subdivision.


Infant mortality and morbidity from malaria have reduced tremendously in our Sub-division


Grace medical foundation has also been able to establish healthcare support centers in Muyuka  town; Muyenge, Malende and Mabeta villages where the conditions of living are so bad. Trained birth attendants work in these villages healthcare centers. Grace medical foundation PHC workers treat minor cases in the community and refer difficult cases to  hospitals.


Oral health programme

This is our largest programme that has affected the lives of more than  900 000 Cameroonian children .Over the past 14 years we have carried our oral health education in primary schools all over the country .


Our partners such as dentaid in the UK started our schools oral health programme that ended in 2012 with 10 000 children enrolled in our programme. During this period we carried out atraumatic restorative treatments in 30 primary schools in the North west and South west regions of the country ,school brushing education and referred more than 800 children that required urgent oral treatments.

Since the inception of this organisation we have carried out numerous outreaches through our mobile dental clinics especially in the western and the south west regions .


Current we are collaborating with colgate under the ‘colgate bright smiles bright futures’ program to carry out schools oral health educations in the northern regions of the country where the oral health needs are very high and in the littoral, western and the English speaking regions of Cameroon.

In collaboration with Emmanuel total dental care, we have also been providing short trainings to oral health care personnel in specialised dental care.

Women Health Programs​

We have been giving health education to young girl and women of child bearing areas through our women’s education and empowerment programs. These include women’s hygiene, natural birth control techniques, nutrition, early marriages and family health.


Bearing in mind that women are the wheel of development in both the home and the community at large, we have been actively been involved in women’s empowerment at all levels of education and vocational training. Special emphasis has been placed on needy widows, internally displaced and female orphans who are very vulnerable.

AIDS Screening Campaigns​

Grace medical foundation hold an educational forum with provision of basic drugs and social assistance to HIV/AIDS patients every three months as part of our training programs for PLWH. So far we have achieved great success in this domain by providing free HIV testing and screening in the form of voluntary counseling and testing. Spiritual support is also provided as the need arises